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Terms and Conditions

Effective as of 1st October 2009

Any and all payments made to Express Tax Solutions or any subsidiary company of Express Tax Solutions via streamline, cheque, direct debit or any other means of transfer are strictly non-refundable.

We without exception do not offer any refund where a client has a change of mind or if the Client wants to use an alternative company.

The website Terms and Conditions are to be used to settle any dispute. Please note that where we enter into a signed agreement with a client such written terms will prevail over our online Terms and Conditions. Where no such signed agreement exists the online terms shall prevail.

On the basis that the Client wishes to de-instruct us in acting for the Client then all monies received shall be retained.

In the event that a refund is owed to the Client under the laws of England and Wales Express Tax Solutions shall retain a minimum of 35% of the monies owed as administration and loss of profit costs. This would be in addition to the monies owed from the Fee structure below.


Express Tax Solutions work on a fixed fee basis and all fees are payable before any work is carried out.

Clients may opt for us to work on an hourly rate and our standard hourly rate is;

  • £150 per hour for work done by an Administrator
  • £230 per hour for work done by a Associate
  • £390 per hour for work done by a Partner
The above fees exclude disbursements and are correct for all work carried out between the hours of 09.00am and 17.00pm. Any work carried out outside of these hours shall incur a premium of 30%.

Cancellation Policy

In order for any cancellation to be effective it must be;

  • In writing
  • Signed by the Client
  • Clearly marked for the attention of the Directors
  • Clearly state Notice of Cancellation
  • Be sent via recorded or special delivery
On-going payments made on our monthly payment plans can be cancelled and payments waived on the proviso that notice is given in writing within 7 days of instruction. Any notice of cancellation given thereafter will be subjected to a penalty of 15% of the amount paid on our plan.

If any clause of our Terms and Condition is considered in-effective then all other clauses shall remain intact.

The Terms and Conditions can be updated at any time and without notice and shall be deemed to be binding on all agreements entered into thereafter.
All comments, queries and requests relating to our terms and conditions are welcomed and should be addressed to

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