Tax Payment Plan

Tax Payment Plans for Companies

Do you currently have an outstanding tax liability? Well as we are sure you are aware this is something which HMRC does not like! HMRC are the tax collectors and they are there to collect your outstanding tax.

Our clients are telling us that HMRC are more than ever before pressing for payment. This could be because since January 2009 HMRC now has a fully operational central database which can spot slow payments or missed payments much more quickly than their previous system.

We can help you if you have;

  • An up and coming Tax Bill that you may struggle paying
  • A historic Tax Debt that is incurring Interest
  • A Tax Bill that had led to legal proceedings to ‘Wind Up the Business’
  • A Statutory Demand for the full payment of your outstanding Tax Arrears.


If you are unable to meet your tax liability then there is a chance that you are insolvent.

You need to seek immediate professional advice in order to prevent becoming personally liable and get professional help with your tax arrears. So, act carefully, keep notes of any decisions and always write names of people you speak to at HMRC down. Take advice from experts, above all act promptly as delay may just lead to more problems for you as directors.

Results that give you peace of mind

Express Tax Solutions handle thousands of tax problem issues for clients. Although there are fees for our services, those are small in comparison to the peace of mind given to those with tax problems. See our Tax Payment Plan Case Studies page for examples of work we’ve undertaken for clients, the results gained and what our fees were.

What are the Available Options?

We recommend that you contact a PAYE and VAT arrears professional immediately. Call Express Tax Solutions immediately on 0121 222 2422 for Free and Confidential Information.

Whatever you do make sure it is something productive and in your businesses best interest. It may not also be in your best interest to contact an Insolvency Practitioner as they are under a legal duty to act in the best interest of your creditors.

For more information call us now on 0121 232 4622 for a free no obligation consultation. We’re on your side!

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