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17th July 2009

The hazy days of summer 2007 seem like a lifetime ago. Property prices in the UK were at an all time high, car sales were through the roof and UK businesses were blissfully unaware of the storm that was brewing across the Atlantic. A storm that would spread across the world and lead to the collapse of the banking system and plunge the global economy into the worst economic period since the Great Depression.

So here we are in July 2009. As the MD of two companies I am acutely aware that the Credit Crunch is certainly something that is at the forefront of every business owner's mind. I think the intermediary industry has been affected more than any other profession connected to the property market.

A business that is struggling has two options. It can attempt to increase the amount of trade that it does or it can try to reduce its costs. The wise business owner will attempt to do both.

But for mortgage brokers, they don't seem to be able to do either of those things. They have no shortage of enquiries, but their hands are tied by the fact that their suppliers (the banks) are not providing the products for them to sell to their clients and lenders are offering more competitive deals in their own branches.

So, with all this gloom and doom it makes me very proud to be able to bring some good news to the intermediary market. Express Tax Solutions announced last month in June 2009 that it was taking its service to the intermediary market. The response so far has been overwhelming with well over 200 brokers registering and over 80 attending free training seminars.

We all know that brokers are eager to diversify into new areas but are eager to ensure that they continue to provide a professional and quality service to their clients. This is why I believe our new service is right for most mortgage brokers and IFA s. It fits neatly with the concept of providing good advice and brings true meaning to treating customers fairly.

The service aims to help businesses struggling with their tax liabilities and is designed to fundamentally them to stay in business and trade out of their trading difficulties. The service assists sole traders, partnerships, limited companies and Trusts, and can help with current or historic tax bills.

It is for this reason that the company is looking to expand and offer firms in the intermediary market a unique opportunity to register their interest in becoming a Master Broker. We currently have nine positions available nationally and are ideally looking for candidates who have experience of running their own business or sales teams.

This is a genuine opportunity with no gimmicks. The average commission paid in May 2009 was £680 and in June it went up to £750. Remember we guarantee not to cross-sell to your clients and that all our expert advice is backed through our Professional Indemnity Insurance. For further information please feel free to give us a call or send us an email at

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Express Tax Solutions was founded with the intention of offering tax advice to those businesses facing problems with mounting tax arrears. Today, Express Tax Solutions has ten partners who practice an ethos of high-level involvement to ensure that each assignment capitalises upon the expertise and knowledge of the whole team.

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